Hangin’ out at KAW Point

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Cotton Candy Sunset Over Kansas City

Cotton Candy Sunset Over Kansas City

Sunset Over Kansas City

City Lights Over Kansas City

Sunset Over a Frozen Kansas City

Sunrise Over KAW Point

Supermoon and Orion Rising Over Kansas City

Frozen Missouri River

Birthday Morning View of Kansas City

Eagle Over Kansas City

Sunrise behind Lewis &Clark

Panorama of Kansas City,, from KAW Point

It goes without question, that KAW point is one of my favorite places to go in Kansas City. You’ll find me there at least four or five times a week, usually with camera in tow. It’s hands down, the best view of the city. It’s also rich in history, can be great for wildlife (really depends on the time of year), and most importantly, it’s easily accessible by bike. Although, my bike riding skills have been suffering lately, but thats a whole other story… I ‘ll just blame winter.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos of Kansas City over the last few months from KAW point. I’d write more, but, it’s Friday and my brain is fried.

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