Keeping Up With America’s Mascot

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Bald Eagle over Kansas City at Kaw Point.

Composite of Adult Bald Eagle flying by to wish me a Happy Birthday

Bald Eagle hunting along the Missouri River

Bald Eagle roosting at Kaw Point

Juvenile Bald Eagle hunting along the Missouri River

Bald Eagle over nest along the Missouri River

For the last month I’ve been tracking and photographing Bald Eagles around Kansas City. I have learned where/when they feed, roost, and soar. There are two nests (I believe there may be a third, but I haven’t found it yet) within five miles of downtown, along the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. The early morning hours at KAW Point, I’ve found is the best time and easiest access for viewing, you just have to be quiet and keep your distance, as they do spook easy. January and February are the best months to observe Eagles in Missouri since they are migrating south, from their breeding grounds.

It’s been really exciting to track and follow these Eagle families. I believe I’ve told Angela every time and how many I’ve seen when I drive to work or home. The most I’ve seen in one sitting is six a couple weeks ago near a nest in Parkville. On an average morning I see two, hunting along the river.

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