It’s Been a While…

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A frozen Missouri River steaming as the Sun Rises over the City.

Snowy Geese taking off out of Smithville Lake.

Bald Eagle flying low over the Missouri River. I saw six eagles this day!

Bortle Study. A study of light pollution and our (in)ability to view a night sky.

I was hoping to have more time to update the blog since the holiday, but the 9 to 5 has had me swamped. However, I have found time to do a lot of shooting, even if I can only get out for an hour or so. Above are a few of my favorite shots over the last month.

Angela and I spent last Sunday searching for the Snowy Owl at Smithville lake. We didn’t find it, but were in the right spot. It may have already started it’s journey back to the Arctic. We did however, see a lot of wildlife and a bunch of migrating Snow Geese. (there will be more photos from that afternoon to come soon.) I have also been tracking and following a Bald Eagle family along parts of the Missouri River, working on a Bortle Studies project (Our (in)ability to see a starry night sky in a heavily light polluted setting , and continuing my Kansas City 365 project.

Here’s to staying productive and becoming better in 2018. I’ll update you as much as I can along the way.

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