Exploring the Plaza

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I’ve lived a block away from the Plaza for six years. Over those years, it’s lost its allure to me. The tourist, traffic, constant crowds, are really not my cup of tea. But, I picked up a new camera last week and had to go out an test it out. So I walked the block to the Plaza and spent an hour walking around and shooting. I wasn’t happy with what I shot at first. But, upon review, and some light editing, I could deal with them. HaHa. Sidenote: It’s hard to shoot an area you really don’t like being around. But, I also used it as a scouting event for future timelapse and long exposure shots, once we have the lights up and/or snow on the ground.

My KansasCity365 project on Instagram is in full swing and will likely drive me crazy at some point. My goal is to show 365 different photos of Kansas City, over the next year. Angela recommended I put all of the photos into a book at the end of a project. so look for details on that next year sometime. Follow along on Instagram, if you already don’t.

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