Adventure Ride | Abandoned Places

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I’ve may have missed quite a few Sunday morning adventure rides over the last few months, but I made sure not to miss the last one. We went back to where it all began. An abandoned steel and lumber yard on the east side of the city. (About a 20 mile round trip). This is the second time I had been there and it did not disappoint. It’s such a massive space and there is so much yet to be explored. Needless to say, I can’t wait to go back.

My KansasCity365 project on Instagram is in full swing and will likely drive me crazy at some point. My goal is to show 365 different photos of Kansas City, over the next year. Angela recommended I put all of the photos into a book at the end of a project. so look for details on that next year sometime. Follow along on Instagram, if you already don’t.

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