The Past Two Weeks

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Kansas City Fire Department on Grand Street Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

Street Car Flyby at Truman & Main Street Downtown Kansas City, Missouri

City loop towards the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts

Squadron of American White Pelicans migrating south for the winter.

Young Buck hiding in the brush along the Missouri River

I’ve been busy behind the lens and on two wheels over the past few weeks. My main focus has been quality over quantity, working on time lapse videos, and updating Amazon wish lists so I can upgrade some equipment. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the las two weeks.

I’ve spent a lot of time wondering around downtown and along the Missouri River. It’s that time a year where night-time starts ruling my world, so I’ve started shooting some light trail and time lapse photographs to get ready for it. Late last week I was walking a trail sown by the river, when I came up three small bucks, I’ve been following all year, hiding in the woods. That same night I witnessed a squadron of American White Pelicans on their migratory flight south. I thought they were geese at first, till I was reviewing the images. HaHa.

My KansasCity365 project on Instagram is in full swing and will likely drive me crazy at some point. My goal is to show 365 different photos of Kansas City, over the next year. Angela recommended I put all of the photos into a book at the end of a project. so look for details on that next year sometime. Follow along on Instagram, if you already don’t.

Keep up on Flickr and Instagram for more frequent posts. Also, if you’d like prints, head over to Society6.