Smokey Nights

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Smokey Pink Sun over the West Bottoms.

Smokey Sunset over Kansas City from Kaw Point

Smokey Sunset over Kansas City from Kaw Point

While we’ve had major hurricanes in the south and southeast, one of which I experienced, we’ve also had major fires to the west, that have had little to no news coverage. However, the night before my family and I left for Florida (more on that at a later time), we had smoked filled skies, from Montana wildfires, that turned our’s city landscape into something almost apocalyptic. The orange hues and absent of blues made for some dramatic photos. The sun was pink and could be photograph without the help of solar filters, or ND filters.

I made it to two spots around the city, that evening. I started at Kaw Point where the sky and ground were really orange, and I could get some great cityscape shots. After spending an hour or so there, I settled down outside the West Bottoms for the sunset. Where the sun turned a brilliant pint and the sky greyed. I also captured one of my favorite recent photos here.

I will try to post a lot more in the coming weeks/month. I’ve shot more in the last month, than I have all year, and can’t wait to share them.

My Society6 and Flickr Pages are in need of a major update. I am hoping to get to both within the next week.

As usual, keep up on Instagram for more frequent posts.