(un)Familiar Places

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Self Portrait | Nikon D7200 | Nikon 50mm | f/8 | ISO 100 | 15 sec. | Single exposure


Tributary | Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/8| ISO 100 | 1/125 sec. | Single exposuret

Riverfront Park | Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/4| ISO 250 | 1/100 sec. | Single exposure

Hiding Spot | Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/4| ISO 100 | 1/125 sec. | Single exposuret

I spent a few evenings this week at two of my favorite spots along the Missouri River. I hadn’t been to these spots in a few months, and with the recents rains and flooding the landscapes at both had changed drastically. The trail I go to north of the city had about twenty feet of its banks washed away, making it feel like a completely new place. On the east side of the city, the banks had been battered, with trees down and large boulders showing that hadn’t been there before. Not to mention, part of the bank I thought I could walk through, but almost ended up in the river, not once, but twice.

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