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Deluge I

Deluge II

Deluge III

I’ve always been obsessed with weather. Specifically, the spring and summer storm season. Earlier this week KC experienced one of the heaviest rain events we’ve ever seen. Most areas saw around four to five inches of rain within a few hours as heavy thunderstorms trained over the same areas. The lightning was intense, the thunder was loud, and of course the rain poured.

I happened to be at Angela’s house that night, where I camped out under a four foot by four foot overhang watching the rain and lightning. I actually forgot I grabbed my camera on my way up to see her. It wasn’t until the awe of the first intense storm had passed that I remembered and ran in an grabbed it. I stood out there for a good two hours just shooting away, mainly focusing on the street lights and passing cars as it poured. I came away with quite a few shots I enjoyed. I was attracted to the rain falling in these little slivers of light from the street lamps, and the way the lighting changed below the lamp as the rain came down harder and harder.

This is just a small sample of what I captured that evening. I plan to upload these and more to flickr, and of course, these three will also be on instagram. Also, my Society 6 page has been updated with new prints, so check it out.