Grand Boulevard

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KCP&L District | Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/22 | ISO 100 | 8sec. 6 exposures

Sprint Center | Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/8 | ISO 1000 | 1/5sec. 3 exposures

“Grand Boulevard” | Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/16 | ISO 100 | 15sec. 12 exposures

Spent another Monday out late walking around the city making photos. Since I picked up a 16mm Rikinon Wide Angle Lens, I’ve been diving back into long exposures, which are always fun to shoot, but, take much longer and I end up with less photos taken by the end of the night. But I feel like the quality of the shot is much better.

This time I walked around Sprint Center and the KCPL district. I was able to get to a really nice spot on top of a parking garage on 11th street. Which I got kicked out of within 30 minutes. I had quiet a few people approach me on the street while shooting, asking me questions, and talking to me about photography. I even helped someone adjust there settings on their camera to pick up a similar shot to what I was doing.

All in all, it was another successful night behind the lens. I can;t wait to get out again and get more long exposures. Also, be sure to check me out on Instagram and flickr, for more photos. I’m also slowly working on updating my Society 6 page, so please be patient.