Virgil’s Farm

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Nikon D7200 | Rokinon 16mm | f/2.8 | ISO 1600 | 25sec. single exposure

Last weekend a few friend’s and I embarked on an unsupported bike ride across the Flint Hill’s Nature Trail in southwest Kansas. I have a lot more to write about the ride and will come in a later blog post. I had a goal of shooting the Milky Way while along the trail. Friday night as we settled into Virgil’s Farm in Vassar, Kansas, I wondered down the road in search of a spot. I setup in the middle of a country road far from any light. The humidity was at 90%, there was a half moon, and storms to the south, but I still got the shot. Not the best shot, but a good starting point. Now I can’t wait to shoot the Milky Way again under a new moon and hopefully, less humidity.