Fairfax, Rain, and One of the Most Beautiful Sunsets I’ve Ever Chased

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Earlier this week, after a long day at the office, I just had to get out and ride. I arrived at the trail head to the Missouri Riverfront Park to pouring rain. I sat and listened to the Royals game for a few minutes, while waiting on the rain to stop. The temperature had dropped twenty degrees since leaving my house. I only had shorts and a t-shirt on. Luckily I found some gloves in my bag. As I took off on the steamy trail, I quickly got soaked. I could see peak of sun, hoping it would break more while riding to help warm up. I quickly got to the end on of the trail and decided to dip into the Fairfax district, via the new 69HWY bridge.

I love shooting and riding in the Fairfax district. This time, did not disappoint. The traffic was minimal, it was quiet, and the sun started to peak through. There are so man pops of color hidden away in Fairfax. But, you can’t take too long at any one spot or you’ll have cops slowly start following you around. After spending an hour snapping photos, and just slowly riding around, I headed back to the trail. That’s when the skies opened up and I chased one of the most beautiful sunsets ever.

I spent another thirty minutes or so, stopping every hundred feet to snap a photo of the sunset, before finally making myself head back. I was cold, and wet, and now have a nasty cold. But, it was all worth it.